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Prakriti Unlimited Ltd. | Malzstrasse 9 | 8045 Zurich | T +41 44 515 49 15


Are you an investor looking for exciting real estate investments or lucrative projects to invest in? Or do you have a project yourself and seek capital and know-how to carry your project to the next level?

Prakriti Projects is your interface with the capital market. With a large network spanning many different sectors, Prakriti Projects supports a variety of projects, with a strong emphasis on real estate projects.

Hotels & Restaurants

Various food & beverage elements and principles are combined in Prakriti Projects’ investments in hotels, restaurants and bars. Customers and guests feel and appreciate the passion and the lifeblood behind our investments.


Standing behind Prakriti Projects are entrepreneurs who share one attitude, one story, one vision, and one goal. Prakriti Projects accompanies individuals as they convert their vision into action in order to achieve their goal. Prakriti Projects provides access to a network of specialists and investors in a wide range of fields.

The people in charge of Prakriti Projects are:

Francis ZollerFrancis Zoller
+41 44 515 49 10
Mischa SeeholzerMischa Seeholzer
+41 44 515 49 11
Lennart HöhnLennart Höhn
+41 44 515 49 12
Šárka RauhoffŠárka Rauhoff
Office Manager
+41 44 515 49 15
Nicolas SchwarzNicolas Schwarz
Finance & Controlling
+41 44 515 49 17
Imad BerroImad Berro
Facility Manager
+41 44 515 49 16